Bangkok - Aussie Execs & team (mainly gals)  2010-11-28
Tour concept:  "fastrack" premium
  • 4/5 days 24/7 action
  • Corporate events, Team building, Hospitality culture, Tourism, Charity
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The "tour itinerary" is in detail, if you prefer a brief outline see the link "travel diary".


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Travel diary - Feedback

Outline of the tour and feedback from tour group click here.
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value proposition

Employer: Corporate products, Team Building, Staff Loyalty
Team: Hospitality Culture, Reward for Achievement
We offer free consult - we talk to customers!
S.M.A.R.T. tours to achieve your objectives.
Our "fastrack" tours makes 4 days feel like 2 weeks!
We demonstrate significant savings for deligent Exec's
Our unique P.A. (Personal Assist) Thai team infuse cultures, see "Western time disciplines", enjoy "Thai Time Charm"


*Per person (tour group 8) approx aud$2,500 includes flight, accom, tours, meals and PA service. Now consider the placement cost of new Execs/staff, from aud $7,000 to $15,000 + loss of business goodwill and training.

If your diligent and focus on target spend items (comparison) ie., Corporate/Personal you will save aud$3000 (a free trip) and gain Loyalty, staff rapport,Corporate branding (products)
Trade - We have the connection for trade links, a special guest will visit Perth 16/12 (newsflash) contact for invitation.

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