Medical tourism in Bangkok is very popular with foreigners, the price is so low, quality is outstanding. There are numerous world class hospitals that have built up an excellent reputation for medical tourism. Bangkok is particularly attractive because of the combination of price, comfort, professionalism and of course the famous Thai hospitality.
When only the best will do!
Whether you are tourist thinking of getting dental work done cheaply, or specifically coming to Bangkok for medical attention or non essential surgery you’re well catered for with a slick and professional package that has been serving many before you.

In this section we cover the main aspects of medical tourism in Bangkok


HospitalsWith dozens of top hospitals and several noted internationally for surgery, Bangkok is the best place for me

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dical tourism if you insist on the very best, yet it all adds up to excellent value with professional staff and modern facilities, for suggestions.
Hospitals in Bangkok are very popular among medical tourists to Thailand, particularly those looking to have cosmetic surgery done. Facilities like Bangkok’s Bumrungrad are known the world over and are virtual cities in themselves, with no end of specialised centres.
Whether you are a tourist needing outpatient treatment, or an expat living in Bangkok the experience at Bangkok hospitals is usually very satisfactory. The private hospitals are among the best in the world.
These hospitals in Bangkok are staffed with experienced and professional doctors and nurses who mostly speak English. They are found to be modern and include up-to-date technologies. Bangkok hospitals offer complex surgery, health checks, simple operations, private ward stay, dentistry and general consultation at much cheaper rates than you’ll experience in developed countries.
Health care in Bangkok

The medical care you will receive in Bangkok is second to none, with the attention on service and hospitality as well as professionalism. The facilities offered are on par with the best hospitals in Europe and the US and you will find any procedure available here.Thailand is noted for its standards in the medical profession and the Thais are naturally good at this, providing comfortable, even VIP, surroundings.

Doctors in Bangkok

The doctors in Bangkok are experts in their respective fields, having mostly been trained in US medical colleges and able to speak fluent English. While not all doctors in Bangkok are trustworthy, those doctors in reputed hospitals, such as Bumrungrad, Bangkok General and Samitivej, are very experienced and skill, often trained abroad. A general consultation fee with a physician/GP costs less than $10.


cid:image002.gif@01CA3879.05E08940Bumrungrad International Hospital is reputedly the best hospital in Bangkok. It has an international reputation, mainly for its forays into sex realignment surgery, and also has excellent orthopaedic and cardiac surgery centres. Most of the surgeons here have received training in the US or Europe and are among the best in Bangkok. Prices are steep at Bumrungrad for Thailand although well below what you’d pay for the same procedures in the West. 



Bangkok has plenty of very good dentists dealing with 6 million Thais who all value a perfect smile. Whether you want teeth whitening, a check up, root canal or even crowns, you’ll be satisfied with the price and experience.
The dentists in Bangkok are the best in Thailand, with most garnering their knowledge in US dental colleges and employing the same techniques in Bangkok dental surgeries. You will find state-of-the-art equipment and all the latest treatment options for your teeth at Bangkok dentists, all at very reasonable prices.

It makes good sense to get a dental check up and clean, or treat yourself to teeth whitening while on holiday in Thailand, and not surprisingly many of these dentists in Bangkok advertise in local tourist media. They are mostly professional, use modern techniques and equipment and seldom keep you waiting. The biggest satisfaction however is the price, with a standard visit costing less than US$20, and teeth whitening from as little as $120
Teeth whitening
Teeth whitening in Bangkok is one of the main treatment options with medical tourists. Dentists have all the latest technology and techniques at their disposal, with laser whitening treatment and whitening gels to get your teeth looking bright. This can all be done in less than an hour and results really do make you look better.

The cheapest method is a do-it-yourself gel and gum guard arrangement that takes seven night sessions while you sleep, for $120. More practical is the newest technology, a UV bleaching process which is safe, painless and over in an hour, for about $250. Or you can opt for the full laser treatment at $350.

Dental crowns
Dental crowns, also known as dental caps, are competitively priced and can be done in one or two sittings. You can choose from plastic, metal or porcelain (ceramic) and can be sure that they will last 10 years or more when fitted by a Bangkok dentist. Again, they are significantly cheaper than back home and are made at laboratories in Bangkok so can be ready for fitting within a few days. You’ll have to think of matching them to newly whitening teeth while you go about it, so the cost overall might be prohibitive in a more expensive country.
Our Directory of Dental Clinics in Bangkok - some venues include their price structure

Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgeryThailand is now the de facto plastic surgery destination for a nose job, tummy tuck or face lift, and you can recover on a quiet beach holiday, all without breaking the bank. Choose form reputable hospitals or private clinics, here’s the costs.
Cosmetic surgery in Bangkok is highly advanced and there are many hospitals and clinics that can perform all known procedures. Breast enlargement, liposuction, nose surgery and face lifts are all common cosmetic surgical procedures, with Bumrungrad International Hospital the main centre.

Prices are less than a quarter you might pay back home but the quality equally as good. Thailand is also an affordable and comfortable place to recover so the whole trip, plus the holiday can work out cheaper. The hospitals are modern, the staff generally noted to be professional and hospital and the English speaking doctors experienced and trained with the latest techniques and equipment.
Breast enlargement in Bangkok
All of Bangkok’s high profile private hospitals can undertake breast enlargement surgery in Bangkok, along with many dedicated plastic surgery clinics. It is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures in Bangkok, with hundreds of breast augmentation operations completed everyday. Thais are typically flat chested and the operation is becoming popular, so the doctors have plenty of experience. Local clinics specialising in breast enlargement and cosmetic surgery in Bangkok advertise this operation for US$1,100, including silicone mentor/ES implants. Breast reduction operations are also performed often.
Liposuction in Bangkok
Liposuction is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure in Bangkok for those who have excessive areas of fat, usually around the stomach, upper thighs and buttocks. A large needle-type instrument is inserted through small holes made in the skin and the offending fat is then simply sucked out. Each proceedure costs about US$600, while a full tummy tuck costs a little more than $1,000. The process is safe and the recovery uncomplicated.
Rhinopasty - nose surgery in Bangkok
Nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, in Bangkok can be performed at many hospitals and dedicated plastic surgery clinics for a fraction of the cost in the US or the UK. The nose is reshaped by shaving off the upper layers of the bridge of the nose, or by resetting after an accident. This is particular popular among wealthy Thais seeking a ‘less flat’ nose but is also performed regularly on tourists who desire a little reshaping while on holiday.An operation costs about $400, and you have the benefit a private recovery period comfortably holed up in an exclusive resort on the islands that won’t break the bank.
Face lift in Bangkok
Face lifts in Bangkok are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that medical tourists can have in competent private hospitals by experienced, English-speaking plastic surgeons. Prices are greatly reduced for rhytidectomy in Bangkok compared with most places in the world and start from $900. This is a tricky procedure and it’s important you spend several weeks in Thailand discussing the desired outcome with the surgeon, in between sightseeing, before going under the knife. Litigation is less successful in Thailand but fortunately Thai cosmetic surgeons are professional and discerning and the number of complaints brought against them are few. If in doubt work with a surgeon attached to one of the internationally reputable hospitables.

Eye surgery

Eye surgery

Bangkok is the centre for eye surgery in Southeast Asia. Many tourists choose to have their eyes corrected through LASIK surgery and then go on to enjoy the rest of their holiday. Affordable prices make this a simple procedure during your stay.
Many medical tourists with eye problems come to Thailand to have eye surgery in Bangkok. The Thai capital has the best hospitals, LASIK centres and eye surgeons in the country and the prices are very attractive to boot. Bangkok also has many capable opticians with all brand name glasses available.
Eye surgery in Bangkok – LASIK treatment
LASIK eye surgery is commonly employed in the top eye surgeries in Bangkok. It is a refractive surgery procedure which changes the shape of the cornea to correct certain eye defects, including near-sightedness and far-sightedness and astigmatism. The surgery only generally takes a few minutes to perform, yet the results are permanent.

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