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  • Soi 19 - Our Residence   Bangkok:  Location, Location, Location 

  • Soi 3   - Dr. Golf Clinic  - Bangkok's leading Hospital 
  • Soi 21 - Simulator - Practice - Bangkok's finest (photos)
  • Golf Fantasia - A shopping complex of Golf (photos)
  • "Golf in a Kingdom"  for games and tours (photos)
  • Thailand Golf map and course rating (links below) 
  • Dr Golf

    Professional golfers get professional advice and treatment to stay in condition and avoid injury. Now you can get this same, thanks to a unique program developed in Bangkok.  read more

    The Simulator

    Practice and Performance Centre > it's efficient <> it's convenient <> it's value added <> ....read more 

    Megga Golf Shop

    Thaniya Plaza - 4 flrs of Golf.....        enter

    Golf fantasia.... read more


    Games & Tours


    The Premiere Golf Facilitator

    The term, "Tropical paradise" is almost mythical. 
    Yet everything you imagine,  warm, blue-green waters, remote Islands, lush landscapes, friendly people, affordable prices, remain a reality in the Kingdom of Thailand..... 

    A single game for 1 person or everything for everyone. 
    "Golf in a Kingdom", presents more than 260 courses... 
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    Golf Map

    all courses in Thailand, includes a brief on courses Bangkok.. read more

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    Course Ratings

    The facts from everyday golfers (local and visitors from abroad)...  read more.